My friends, let's be completely honest with each other here. Quality burger, CURLY fries and cocktails. What more do you want in life? Answer is nothing. My foodie friend and I visited Stitch in Sydney's CBD and I know if I say this my blog is literally only downhill from here but I'm going to put it out there... I think it could just be the best bar in Sydney. Really! 

Number one, it has GOOD food in addition to drinks. Just look at that picture. I actually scrolled up to look at it again ;) Anj's lamb burger as well as my veggie one had a delicious mysterious sauce on it which made my night. Please see this link for the glorious menu and selection of food! Number two, it's hidden. And everyone loves a restaurant that they think no one else knows about. Okay, let's say for argument's sake a lot of people do. The only way you'd really know about it is if a) you're an avid urbanspoon user (do yourself a favour and get involved with urbanspoon. you're welcome) or b) you're casually strolling past another skyscraper office building in wynyard, look a little inside the doorway, notice an old fashioned sewing machine just chilling there and beside it, the entry to Stitch.

I'd write more but the time you spend reading this, the less potential time you have at this place. But first, a few words of warning. The curly fries are COATED in chilli powder which is awesome but deathly. Purchase a few cocktails to ensure your mouth feels less like fire. (the Goosebumps one is legendary. do it!) Also, you may leave feeling more hipster than you ever have in your life. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing :) And finally, on a more serious note, it is a little pricey so.. go anyway! it's amazing!

NB. More pictures in the gallery!

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