I think there's one particular reason why I love Japanese food so much, I've decided - it's because the food is the most difficult thing ever to SUCCESSFULLY make yourself. I'm speaking relatively generally, yes, but - anyone who has tried rolling up rice and seaweed with that little bamboo mat while the rice casually spills out the sides, can understand what I'm getting at here. Sometimes you're lucky if, in the end, it even resembles sushi at all. 


So, this makes eating at the hands of Japanese chefs all the more exciting and amazing. As my Japanese teacher said to me after class today (just so you get the picture, she's an elderly, very little Japanese woman - something of a wise owl, if you will): "the Japanese certainly know what they're doing..." Number one, she's totally bias because she IS Japanese and number two, she was referring to Japanese literature. ALAS, I feel that the statement applies to food too ;)

The restaurant that my love took me to on my 22nd birthday this year is one that I can declare to be an absolute must-go in terms of Sydney Japanese cuisine. Jap's table, 245 Abercrombie St. Darlington (2 minute walk from Redfern station!), has yakitori that just melts the moment it hits your tongue - the best I've tasted in Sydney. Mmm meat on a stick. 


It really packs a whole lot of punch into its tiny interior and it seriously looks the part too (see picture at left!). Every meal begins with a little plate of crispy chicken skin (I LOVE FREE THINGS) and each plate you order after that (these kind of cost money) is beautifully presented whether it be the gyoza, the salmon and avocado sushi roll or the unagi (eel) egg omelette don. (All of which I've tried and tested, naturally, and are MUST orders!). Following the consumption of your recommended sodium intake for the week, you can enjoy tiramisu cake. Not sure what it is exactly about Japanese restaurants commonly including tiramisu among their dessert selection - but I'm not complaining! Yum!

I don't think I can rave about this place any more than I have, really. Despite my initial remarks on the challenging nature of cooking Japanese food, stay tuned for my next blog post about kyaraben (character lunchbox)! Google that one ;)

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